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Antorus the Burning Throne
Argus the Unmaker (Mythic) Kill
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Antorus the Burning Throne
Full Mythic Gear (960+ ilvl)
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Antorus the Burning Throne
Argus the Unmaker (Heroic) Kill
€ 89
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Antorus the Burning Throne
Full Heroic Gear (945-955 ilvl)
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Antorus the Burning Throne is a new WoW raid instance, situated right in the heart of the hostile Argus territory. As any other Warcraft instance it requires a fully detailed description, which is what Boost2Night always tries to provide raiders with!

Apart from quenching the curiosity of those keen on exploring the world of Azeroth and beyond, B2N is also happy and proud to offer its boosts to those who need professional help with sudden progress difficulties!

Argus is a big place

After the greatest Azeroth characters of the Tomb of Sargeras play achieved their aim and dealt with Kil’Jaeden (apparently, merely his physical form again), the players’ invasion of the darkest planet with the darkest dungeons is about to begin! The host of the new raid is the spirit of the shattered world itself known as the Unmaker. The location of the Burning Throne is the very heart of the ancient planet, inside you will discover lots of grim secrets and witness many horrible events – how else could you imagine the final frontier?

To say that Antorus is a panopticon, is to say nothing: what a freak show it all might seem for the unexperienced player! The bosses are simply adorable: a gigantic nuke-equipped robot and his loony creator (Garothi Worldbreaker and Kin'Garoth), a couple of infernal skull-head monkey dogs (Hounds of Sargeras), the Argus military chiefs (War Council), a portal grand master (Portal Keeper Hasabel), a vicious and hideous Legion headhunter (Imonar the Soulhunter), our good old fiend (Varimathras; a bit battered though), a freak band of six-armed lady assassins (Coven of Shivarra), and three kinda titans (Aggramar as a fallen titan, the Unmaker as a corrupted proto-titan, and Eonar as a friend-in-need titan).

To learn more about the bosses and lore in general, see a special section on our site!

All your base are belong to argus

You are not prepared, are you? Sure, the dungeon journal is good, but it should be used primarily to see the list of the bosses’ traits and abilities and the table of loot and rewards. This is definitely not enough to succeed! To defeat the greatest villains in the history of the gaming industry, you will have to study dozens of encounter-related texts, watch hours of videos, carry out a lot of research – and you are not prepared for that, are you?

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Black angus 2night

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The Antorus runs are going to be available for purchase as soon as the raid itself is released! So don’t miss out on buying your share of glory for almost nothing!

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