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World of Warcraft dungeons

From its secret places to its most well-known locations the World of Warcraft is filled with mystery, danger and conflict. Cities are crowded with double-dealing mercenaries and selfish bosses,  caverns keep ancient and threatening secrets, and zones of war play host to generations-old clashes between armies and clans. Few players would dare to explore these dangerous areas, even fewer would expect to return and get gold medals. But you can be among the lucky ones with the help of Boost2Night, your guide in powerleveling.  

Discovering the adventuring area

Dungeon is a zone full of enemies and challenges which could be entered together by group of characters (PvP server). They are more challenging and take longer than quests but still are not as difficult as raids are.

Players will face types of dungeons - micro and world type. Loot distribution system is tricky.

The list of micro classes is more than a hundred, ranging in size from small to quite big and including tombs, haunted mines, ice caves, and sunken ships to name a few.

World ones are specifically designed for more epic encounters. They are full of greater dangers but give greater rewards!

Gameplay in a heroic mode presents as a harder version of a system not only being  extraordinarily punishing and difficult, but also having a reputation requirement to even enter. If you wish  to try out heroic mode, you had to first reach a certain lvl of reputation with the associated faction. On the first time you won’t get epic quality loot. In fact, the only epic drops are available  on the final boss of the dungeon.

Completing the classic dungeon you will receive new achievements like all sort of armor and titles. Running them can be a good way to level in Order and Chaos.

The Mythic system

The challenging instance is designed for the most skilled characters and allows 5 persons (creating a guild) to run progressively-more difficult quests with special affixes. Every team or a single player has a rank  that reflects the skill level. Now you have to deal with very dangerous enemies who have top health pools but the reward is worth it: you will get money, different items of epic gear like tiers and a class upgrade at a higher base lvl than any other source besides raiding!

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