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World of Warcraft dungeons

Dungeons (also called instances) are special in-game zones designed to be completed by a 5-man group of players. This activity lies at the core of World of Warcraft experience, along with questing and joining a guild. If you need a quick explanation about why dungeons might be interesting to you - then be sure to read the following information.

What's all the ruckus about?

Unless you have just started playing, you have probably already had your first dungeon experience at level 15. You were probably either confused or bored by a lackluster starting experience, but trust us: the more you progress into the game - the better they get. Take it more like a history walk, as you'll be able to witness dungeons from various stages of the game and see how Blizzard has changed and developed them over time.

Back to the dungeons themselves. Primarily, their purpose is to prepare players for raiding by teaching them mechanics, role responsibilities and, most important of all, by gearing them up. Additionally, they are often featured as points of interest and destinations for various quest lines within the game. Dungeons come in 4 kinds of difficulty: Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+. Higher difficulty guarantees better and more powerful rewards.

I ain't afraid of no boss!

The most exciting part of every dungeon is, of course, getting loot. But before this happens players have to endure a fight against a boss enemy, of which there are several in every dungeon, and all feature a unique set of abilities which help to distinguish them and further set the tone for the zone they are in. Many of these locations are unique, but some of them, like Startholme, allow players to experience a place that they might have previously seen in Warcraft 3 RTS or read about in one of the novels. Even though most of the oldest and recognizable villains, like the Lich King or Sargeras, have been defeated, it appears that WoW has no issues with either keeping us impressed or challenged as it keeps adding new exciting adversaries into the game.

Bring on the Mythic+

After you have beaten all the dungeons on multiple difficulties, you're pretty much done with them, right? Not exactly. Legion, the game's 6th expansion, has introduced the keystone mechanic. In a nutshell, these keystones would increase the amount of health and damage of all monsters within the dungeon and then spice things up even more with affixes, which would further increase the difficulty and what's best about them - they would change every week. Those people who have played Diablo 3 might recognize familiar mechanics from the Rifts.

Why go through all the trouble? The loot! Tons of it! That, and a sense of pride and accomplishment, of course! But seriously, high-level keys can completely replace raids regarding both challenge and rewards, while requiring fewer players for their successful completion. And they can be completed as many times as you like as long as at least one player in the group has a key!

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