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WoW battle royale?

June 29, 2018
New changes to War Mode, airdrops and other exciting stuff in Battle for Azeroth's recent Beta update!
Greetings folks!

Today we've received a  juicy update regarding War Mode and more! We don't know about you, but update has provided an answer to a question that bothered us for a while. How do people with War Mode turned off and those who have it on interact?

Short answer: they don't.


Long answer: these players are instanced. Meaning that in Battle for Azeroth players with War Mode on will not see those who have it off and vice versa. However, if you join a dungeon group, your party will be able to summon you, but you won't be able to see each other until you all will enter a dungeon. What's more: while using a Group Finder you will only be able to see parties and players that have it on or off as well (though it would only affect outdoor activities like questing and world bosses, thankfully, so it shouldn't hinder your ability to find M+ / raid groups), depending on your choice.

These changes are important and we're grateful that Blizzard have gone out of their way to bring this information so soon, as we can probably expect a lot of confusion during the early days of the expansion because of them.

There is also another reason why this change is good AND smart. It brings clarity. Imagine two following situations.

1) You're a Horde player doing a World PvP quest which involves killing mobs in a designated area (like towers, we know that these quests are present in BfA). It is likely there would be other players of your faction, so you feel comfortable doing it together. Then a couple of Alliance Rogues come and violate your dreams of getting that sweet easy honor. Then they camp your corpse. All this happens while other Horde players crowd around you and do a /shy because they don't have their War Mode on and can't be of help or at least serve as a distraction.

2) You're an Alliance player tanking a World Boss while Hordies poke at it. You have your War Mode on and they do not, which means that you enjoy additional HP and other perks while they provide the firepower. But then a random Mag'har Warrior charges in and proceeds to /cast Execute you. Ouch.

All of the above would've been possible if Blizzard decided NOT to separate players. So not only does this make things clear (that you're in a completely PvE friendly, or "be aware of random PvP" situation), this also makes sure that the game provides a similar experience for those players, as some might get upset about other players having more bonuses because of the War Mode while they just want to do PvE (remember that it also provides a flat XP bonus while leveling and additional AP at max lvl). So all in all this is a very good decision. Thank you Blizzard! Now, can we please have our Mythic+ gear sets back?

Bounty Hunter System


We've previously mentioned that particularly active players would become marked for their exploits during World PvP / War Mode quests. Marked like a rare mob. We've previously speculated about the methods of achieving this "state", but now we know that it requires killing players of an opposing faction. You then get flagged as an "Assasin" and can be killed by an opposing faction for a reward in shape Conquest Points and some additional bounty. Still, getting flagged just because you're either good at World PvP or got a sudden craving for mischief doesn't sound fun when you know there will be people coming specifically after you. BUT there is a catch now: as soon as you've become infamous enough to be marked - you get a whopping 15% increase to damage and healing! What's more interesting - Blizzard did not say "for PvP activities only". If that is true - that would imply that Assasins (there can be up 3 of those per faction on a specific area map) are a great boon to their faction, as those players will make it easier to defeat world bosses, defend territories, etc. The amount of possibilities is so enticing and it builds on the new system so well that playing without War Mode just feels... bland. But when hunting for rares we definitely recommend turning this feature off.

Incoming air drops.


Now, we're not exactly sure what Blizzard are thinking, but... it actually sounds fun. Of course, Battle Royale genre is so popular these days that it is starting to overstay its welcome, but this particular feature (our assumption might be far-fetched, but it is such a recognizable trope within the genre) not only makes sense in a context Blizzard gave us, but it does sound genuinely interesting because it invokes even more player interaction, a very important thing for a PvP-oriented expansion!

And yes, thank you for not making this just like actual  Gurubashi Arena. Not much to comment on here: looks like a fun feature. We think it probably would be a recurring World PvP Quest or something similar and not a baseline feature due to gear reward. If it would appear often - this might make gearing a bit too easy, so that's another reason for it to be a somewhat rare occurrence. Oh, and remember that there would no flying mounts at the start of Battle for Azeroth and air drops are restricted to new areas! Demon Hunters, your opportunity to exploit verticality has resurged once again.

The arrival of Dueler's Guild

See it happens again. Twice so far Blizzard have done questionable things like enforcing personal loots on people who don't need it and suffer for it and locking gear during M+ dungeon runs ( if you would like an explanation why it is bad - watch this video by Asmongold), but then they do something really awesome like this. Being an actual duelist is now a feature with its own achievements and even a tabard! Thank you Blizzard!

Oh and don't hesitate to order those from us. Duels might sound like an honorable, personal and skilled thing to do, but we all know that for each honorable fight you're going to use 10 where people would abuse everything they've got, like cheap LoS, stunlocks you and so on. Not to mention that some classes are just better at it. We're not exaggerating, it's normal and a part of the game's flavor, but sometimes it's just frustrating and not fun. So don't hesitate to grab our offer when we shall make it available. Here's what a new tabard looks like.


Got any thoughts or opinions you would like to share with us? Don't hesitate do to so in the comment section below!
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