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Welcome to the undeath!

August 20, 2018
Let us be your guides into the Horde's dark future!
Greetings folks!

The first week of the newest expansion is nearly behind us, which brings up the question... how well does Battle for Azeroth holds up so far? Well... honestly? Quite spectacularly, well worth its money. Both regarding the plot and mechanically. But before we get to mechanics...

Have you noticed how many undead now stand amongst the Horde? Dark Ranger troops now feature male as well as female undead elves, and Forsaken soldiers guard the royal Zandalari palace. Rastakan binds himself to greatest stand-up comedian/god of death Bwonsamdi, gaining a ghost army big enough to trample the servants of an Old God (not that those lunatics mind dying, it is of their daily routine). Nathanos raises important historical Kul Tiran figures as the Forsaken and, Thrall's balls, Lilian Voss makes a proper comeback?!


Where are we getting with that, you might ask? Well... good question. With so many theories floating around about where the game's plot would lead us - we've decided to drop our two cents into the mix. First things first: you probably have no idea who Lilian Voss is, now do you? Well, back in Cataclysm (that's the first time we've heard of her) she was just one of those freshly created undead raised by the powers of the val'kyr in the employment of Sylvanas. Much like our dear Captain Amelia Stone - she had it rough. Being at odds with her nature as a newly raised Forsaken - she proceeded to do the first most (il)logical thing - to turn herself to the Scarlet Crusade. Tasked with rescuing the poor soul, the players discover that not only does this oddly blue-eyed maid is related to the order's higher-ups, but that our Wondercorpse bride has mystical powers of her own. Her story abruptly ends at this point but gets continued in Mists of Pandaria as a part of renewed Scholomance dungeon. Not only is she now more at ease with her nature, more in control of her mystical powers, but turns out she's now also a supernatural assassin directly under the command of the Banshee Queen. Now she, along with Nathanos, is out there to secure Kul Tiras for the Horde, while also serving a spirit guide for the newly forsaken (get it?). Now, lets put the whole "Are we the baddies?" thing aside and have an actual look at what is going on here: what Sylvanas and her champions are doing is a bit too similar to the kind of tactics employed by the Scourge and, to a degree, Knights of the Ebon Blade, who are, basically, renegade members of the Scourge. This all, combined with the fact that the Zandalari are serving a Death God (well, loa) makes us think that "honor" is the least of problems the Horde should be concerned about. Where the in the Helheim are the Ebon Blade anyway? Did they decide to take a hiatus after the events of Legion? One might think that being freed from the grasp of the Lich King (debatable) and having placed the task of protecting Azeroth upon themselves, they might pay a little more attention to a danger that closely resembles what they were trying to defend it against in the first place! Well, sure, a lot of them are actually players and some of them do try to fix the situation, but only those on the side of the Alliance...

Anyway, we think that this would serve as a future plot device. And no, we believe that Sylvanas is not going to create another Scourge only to become another boss like Garrosh. Intrigued? Well, sorry to leave you hanging like that, but we'd rather spoon-fed you this idea piece-by-piece rather then poor it onto you like our office chamber pot. We shall expand on this idea in our next entry. Untill then!

Did you enjoy our ramblings? Want us to focus on something specific? Or just tell us how we poison the game? Be sure to do that in our comment section below!

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