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October 9, 2018
Some upbeat info coming right this way! Azerite Armor hotfix is LIVE!
Greetings folks!

Apparently, Mr. Allen is already hard at work fixing player's problems! In case you have not heard yet, azerite armor rewards coming from emissary reward quests (the ones that require you to complete 4 daily quests for a specific faction) have been hotfixed! How? These things now scale up to level 370! Thrall's balls, now that is what we call good news!

However, there's a bit of a catch, so don't get too excited (or do, just read on first), because these items are not being handed out like some free candy. According to different reports, you need to have a high item level before you can get those. Sure, most of you probably have it (especially if you partake of our services), but just so that you know: you need to have an overall ilvl of 367+ for your azerite reward to be upgraded to 370. In case you're not - you're going to get a 355 piece, which is still great! Sure, guys from Method have cleared Mythic Uldir while being partially geared in 340 gear pieces, but hey, we bet they could've done something similar even if everybody was armed with shovels (we mean, of course, www.wowhead.com/item=65667/shovel-of-mercy and the like). Anyway, we can only wonder why something similar hasn't been implemented from the very beginning, but this is a very welcome change nonetheless! And by the way, it has also been stated that once patch 8.1 hits Live servers and the overall quality of rewards goes up, that cap will increase.


Another improvement soon to be brought into the game is... multithreading optimization! In case you're not technically savvy don't feel bad as we were mostly dumbstruck by this announcement as well, but the gist is that the game is going to get a significant performance boost, which translates into higher FPS. It would be fair to point out several things though:

1) These improvements were not as much openly announced, but rather highlited by Adam aka MysticalOS, author of the popular addon Deadly Boss Mods over Twitter:


2) In case you ARE tech-savvy, you might want to head over to Wowhead where these improvements are explained in a much better detail.

All in all, we hope you're satisfied with this short entry. We know that there's a couple of new raid bosses being tested on the PTR at this very moment, but, unfortunately, our chief editor tries to keep this blog as spoiler free as possible. Still, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or simply want to vent out - be sure to do this in our comment section below!
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