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We have a liftoff!

August 14, 2018
Let's celebrate the launch of Battle for Azeroth, WoW's 7th expansion!
Greetings folks!
How're you all today? We hope well! BfA has successfully launched tonight, and we struggle to find proper words to express our excitement!

Before we begin, let us mourn one last time the loss of our artifact traits! May the new Azerite armor turn out to be a worthy successor for this excellent system.

With that topic finally laid to rest (hopefully for the last time), let's feast our eyes on what we've got! Our little community has approached the new content from several angles: some of us(primarily our boosters) took the same approach as Gingi  (We salute you mate! That is quite an achievement!), rushing through the content and aiming to deliver, while others have decided to take a more leisurely approach, take in the new scenery, lore and cutscenes. Right off the bat, let's say that despite login issues this morning - the launch itself went real smooth. Despite what the doomsayers were expecting - the main questline, the event with the necklace and mostly everything from that point on went stable and well (Here's looking at you "Headbutting 101"). It's also really nice to see familiar faces like Tehd Shoemaker and Marius Felbane.

Our expectations were met with high-quality narrative-driven cutscenes and mindblowing locations! Entry quests are kept neat and short, with enough stuff going on to keep you on your toes. It was hard not to stare at the lush green marshes of Zul'dazar from the tops of Zandalar city. Of course, a city made of gold with sky-scraping pyramids is an obvious winner when it comes to looks, but Boralus has its own neat things. In particular, if Zanadalar is quite upfront with the whole "you're not welcome here", Boralus is way more menacing and sinister with cultists acting like... actual secret societies. It is way more down to earth and realistic than Zuldazar and should definitely find its crowd of admirers. (We might be wrong about that, but our general impression was that people are somewhat underwhelmed by it when they shouldn't be.) Anyway, for the first time in... Lorewalker Cho knows how long, we have 2 proper grand all-new majestic distinct capitals right at the start of an expansion! Nothing like garrisons and Shattrath from the dreaded Borelords of Draenor! Truth be told though, they don't feel as filled with interactions or as tight and... alive as Suramar did. Yes, this is a weird complaint, but Suramar was absolutely buzzing with activity! Still, don't misunderstand us - we are utterly amazed by the quality, quantity, and diversity of the content we have right now.

Don't forget: Mythic 0 was unlocked this morning, so if you're already approaching 120 or are sure to hit it this week - you might be interested in this information. No, proper Mythic+, Uldir, and even Warfronts are not yet available. It has been stated that M+ and Uldir would coincide on September 4th and it is very likely that Warfronts would become active on the same date as it is an endgame activity just like the latter two. In the meantime, you have ample opportunity to farm reputation, level up your professions, get used to your class at max level and farm several sets of Azerite gear for all your necessities. Keep in mind that with flying was once again made unavailable (yes, we know that is something that is hard not to notice), so you have to get a new whistle. You get it once you ding 120 and unlock World Quests, but what's more exciting is that when this happens - your alts would be able to grab one as early as 110. All they need to do - is speak to an NPC (either Halford Wyrmbane or Nathanos Blightcaller) and voila!

Be sure to emphasize your reputation farms, as there's a lot of great gear locked behind various points of progression. To clarify: there are pieces of gear with an item level of 350. This is important because your overall item level affects the rewards you get from World quests, meaning that the higher ilvl you have - the better rewards you get. And if you don't plan to strain yourself over mythic dungeons - reputation is the way to go. Additionally, each increase in standing with Champions of Azeroth gives you a quest to speak with Magni. By doing so - you get a 15 ilvl upgrade for your Heart of Azeroth, which is quite an immense upgrade! In case you have already begun working out your Azerite Trait combos - be sure to check this useful tool by WoWhead!

That would be it for today folks! Happy leveling! Next time we shall cover professions and expulsom (essentially new Obliterum)! If you want us to cover specific topics - be sure to tell us so in the comments! We're planning to keep the blog as active as possible throughout the expansion!
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