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Void Elves Story!

December 3, 2017
PTR has brought us a glimpse into Void Elven entrance to the Alliance ranks!

Void Elves Story!

All quest strings have already been datamined and we can compile roughly the whole Blood Elf story! All starts at Alliance embassy where Alleria asks for your help while visiting her Homeland - Silvermoon. She is openheartedly welcomed at first by Loth'Remar and is shown the Sunwell. But this is when this meeting starts to fail! Attracted to Alleria's Void powers and Sunwell an Ethereal named Durzaan opens a portal to Sunwell chamber initiating a fight. He is successfully repelled by combined forces but this situation otrages Silvermoon ruler and he orders Alleria to leave while mentioning a group of Elves with their leader named Umbric who have been exiled from Quel'Thalas for their use of Void Magic. From this it is yet unclear how we manage to find that group. There are some mentions of Dar'Khan Drathir and Ghostlands still. After we manage to track this group there is obvious evidence that Durzaan is haunting our fellow Void users and our combined efforts proves victorious in the end (as always). Alleria shows Void Elves how to control the Void within and proposes them to join the Alliance. Guess what? They agree... 

P. S.: It is also implied that Void Elves will have some kind of their own domain - looks like some Void Plane!

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