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Visions of a wicked future

January 22, 2020
Tidings of a new gameplay mode.

One of the major features which have arrived with patch 8.3 are the Horrific Visions. They present a dungeonesque challenge and a spiritual successor of challenges that players could have previously faced in the Mage Tower during Legion expansion. It is very important for you to succeed the trials because they offer powerful pieces of gear that rival those that come from the raid or Mythic+, new powerful essences, as well as an item that upgrades the legendary cloak ,

Unlocking them will require the completion of patch 8.3 introductory questline, which has instantly become regarded as one of the lengthiest questlines in WoW. After you’re done with the questline, Wrathion will become permanently available within the Chamber of Heart, and sell you the key item needed for entering the visions. Since it costs a hefty 10’000 https://www.wowhead.com/currency=1755/coalescing-visions, you’d better make the best use of your time spent within.


You will be queuing in an instanced scenario which takes place either in Orgrimmar or Stromwind. Both cities change one another weekly, so you need to plan your run, because failure will cost your progression with the https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=169223/ashjrakamas-shroud-of-resolve. Once you arrive within the visions, your task would be to find and kill the boss. Sounds pretty straightforward, but in actuality there are side objectives which can be (and must) completed for bonus cloak upgrade items and gear, and a sanity mechanic that makes every second count.

You’re free to brave this challenge alone as it is tailored for groups of any size, but we would recommend you to bring backup, as having allies will allow them to resurrect should the things go awry. Be sure that all members posses at least one https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=173363/vessel-of-horrific-visions as otherwise you won’t be be able to enter inside. If you want to squeeze an absolute maximum from your runs, we recommend that you hire one of our boosting groups, as they have a route already planned out.


Speaking of rewards, they start off as 420 ilvl just for completing the main objective, 430 ilvl for completing main and 2 additional areas, 445 ilvl for the main with and all other objectives(5 in total), and then starting from 450 up to 470, depending on the number of Faceless Masks active. What are the Faceless Masks? They’re special items that can be found in Horrific Visions. As already mentioned above, they’re your way of obtaining additional high ilvl gear, yet what they also do is increase the difficulty. Each mask provide its own unique effect, with some of them being easier than others.

All in all, Horrific Visions are a fantastic piece of content in terms of gameplay, as it offers an opportunity to shine for solo players, while remaining flexible enough to fit a group of any size, pleasing players of both kinds.

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