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Useful Guides Compilation

May 24, 2017
List of guides you may find useful!


There are a lot of guides on the Web with different quality. Here will be the list of most useful and well compiled (more will be added in future so stay tuned):

Class Guides

Let's start with one of the best class guides from Icy-Veins. There are guides for each spec and purpose. Be sure to check them out:  CLASSES

Dungeons and Raids

Since there could be different approach I can recommend guides both from Wowhead and Icy-Veins since all of them can teach you some different techniques how to approach different bosses especially on higher difficulty levels:

Wowhead:  Dungeons & Raids

Icy-Veins:  RAIDS   MYTHIC+


Most comprehensive PVP guides could be found on Icy-Veins. Here will be the link:  PVP


For this category of guides I recommend searching Wowhead:  Professions

Special Events

This category is widely covered on both sites (you already noticed which ones, did you). So be sure to check both of them for some precious info:

Icy-Veins:  EVENTS

Wowhead:  World Events

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