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Ulduar changed in 7.3.5!

December 5, 2017

Ulduar is getting some neat changes in 7.3.5!

Ulduar changed in 7.3.5!

PTR has brought several changes to Ulduar already. Yogg-Saron prison is going to become timewalking so some changes needed to be made in order to address several issues that may arise. Titan Stronghold is going  to become normal difficulty only for obvious reasons of timewalking availability. All the loot will be merged together along with all loot that is Hardmode exclusive. This also leaded to meta achievements merging in one with both Rusted and Ironbound Protodrakes as a reward. Timewalking version will drop 930 ilvl loot. As for the Herald of Titans achievement (to defeat all Ulduar bosses with characters lvl 80 and ilvl of 226) no information is available yet! We hope hat achievement will stay - Blizzard can even implement a way to use scaling to let premade groups get this great achievement! Stay tuned for more info!

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