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Time is money, friend!

August 17, 2018
Why not try and profit handsomely using the new overhauled crafting and gathering systems?
Greetings folks!

Today we're going to tell you about WoW professions. In particular, we're going to tell you about the most profitable professions in the current expansion. Yes, sure, it is not very exciting and not exactly hot news, but in case you've forgotten - professions have received an overhaul in BfA. Well, not exactly an "overhaul", but recently they were segmented and organized into cathegories! You've probably noticed that as well anyway, so let's get straight to the point: it is now extremely easy to pick up any profession and make them work. Zandalari / Kul Tiran gathering and crafting go up to 150 points, with recipes becoming available from the trainers at various milestones. Recipes for crafting professions up to level 2 are learned for the most part from trainers, while level 3 recipes usually come as a reward from World Quests or require you to be revered with a certain faction. With gathering - it's a bit more complicated: you have to rely on your luck to get a quest item while harvesting a resourse, the method like it was inLegion, only this time the drop rate of said items appears to be way higher. It shouldn't be uncommon at this point to see people who have maxed out most of their recipes and you don't even need 150 points to do that.

Most profitable: Inscription


Previously the bastard child of professions, it has begun to rise in Legion and now is clearly in the spotlight. It features:
- a new collection of Darkmoon Cards which produce powerful (ilvl 355) trinkets
- contractsthat allow you to gain bonus reputation from WQs (yes, they give only 10 rep for a chosen faction, but the buff lasts indefinitely and persists through death, that's why the price is so high)
- boosted stat scrolls (Now called the Battle Scrolls that give 7% of a chosen stat for 30 min) that would go along splendidly with alchemical potions and flasks
- lockpicking scrolls and all previous assortment of wares (even wands), including vantuz runes (versatility boost for a week when fighting a particular boss)

It certainly feels and acts like a "Jack of all trades" profession with fantastic potential for profit throughout the expansion.

Reliable profit: Alchemy / Enchanting / Jewelcrafting


These picks have been and remain a reliable option for gold profit since time immemorial. It is a bit sad for alchemy to lose an ability to upgrade their trinkets as they were able in the previous expansions, but they still get to keep their flasks, potions and a cauldron, which are always in demand. Their trinkets are still powerful and viable but only come in variants of a 225 and a 300 ilvl items, which means they would be much easier to replace that a Darkmoon deck because ilvl is currently the king. Level 3 of their recipes gives an ability to craft several trinkets at once for a drastically reduced price, but without an update, they wouldn't remain in demand for a brief time, as WQs alone provide ample opportunity to replace them with something of similar or potentially higher quality due to forging.


Enchanting, on the other hand, has received its old feature back in addition to keeping other elements - weapon enchantments! They were absent in Legion because Blizzard have decided that their presence would be an overkill with the artifact progression system. Yes, you might argue that Death Knights still had them as part of their "runeforging" mechanic, but even their artifact weapons had their "enchantments" in mind and provided buffs for them, so things aren't that simple.


Jewelcrafting is in a good place as well. There's nothing to say about it, as the only changes it has received - is an addition of 2 new gems: an exp one (you may insert just one) and the one that slightly increases your character's movement speed, but both of them lie in the QoL category.

What's interesting, alchemy and enchanting are the 2 primary professions that require no Expulsom for most of their crafts. Inscription needs 1 Expulsom for each Darkmoon card that it produces, but the rest of their crafts (contracts, battle scrolls, and glyphs) are Expulsom-free.

Aaaand we're going to cut it here. Why? Well, probably because we think it's fair to consider most other professions to be "one-trick ponies". It is very easy to explain why any option presented above is guaranteed to be successful: there exists a constant demand and supply for those products, which always starts strong at the start of an expansion and gradually decays, yet remains active. Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Leatherworking are, for the most part, only beneficial for their owners because they provide easier access to high-level items, which is actually debatable because you might stumble upon a lucky upgrade. There is no constant demand of weapons and armor (there is, but we know where we get them - from various game activities), so these serve as a first step, rather than a permanent source of income. But it is fair to point out that there might be interesting QoL items (lockpicks for example) with their own market, unique mounts, which usually require hefty initial investment from the crafter for a potentially high profit, bags, repair bots and the like.

It is actually possible to profit from having only gathering professions. In fact, this is a much easier road, as it would require minimum amount of effort on your end: just grab and sell it! The trick is that prices tend to decay over time for various reasons. Oh, we're repeating ourselves. Anyway, this is the best we can do for you without this "article" into a wall of text.

There's a plethora of guides out there, like SignsOfKelani, yet you have to pay attention to what they say (Kelani is wrong about "all professions relying on Explosum", but to his credit - this video was made during beta and the rest of it is pretty much spot on).

Still, everything said so far is absolutely true and would remain relevant for a few months (or at least until September 4th, when a major content patch would release).

Good luck and good profits folks! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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