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October 17, 2018
Let us share our reveiw of the opening raid of Battle for Azeroth with you!
Greetings folks!

As you probably know, as of last week the last wing of LFR Uldir was made available to the public and along with it the 2nd part of "Spirits be with you" questline, meaning that you can now complete the achievement. If you have no idea we're talking about - there's a particular questline which involves players discovering that a specific old troll is not entirely gone from this world. In order to obtain it, you have to be Revered with the Zandalari Empire and completed the local questline which ends with The Final Seal.
Oh, right, this questline is Horde-only.

As for Uldir itself, well... our verdict would be that this place is, for the lack of a better word, amazing. We think it would be fair to compare that place to the Emerald Nightmare as none of the others opening raids can compare to those two regarding the overall presentation and impact on the game. The best part of it? Probably this quote from the mother which is spoken when the raid enters the Archive (Zek'voz room):

These discs currently contain fifty norgabytes of biological data on known lifeforms throughout the cosmos. Seventy-five norgabytes of every existing chemical compound. And nine hundred fifty billion norgabytes of musical playlists and self-portrait images.

Apparently, not even the Titans could avoid the plague of selfies! Jokes aside though, we at the office really like how the image and aesthetics of the Titans become more imposing and sci-fi oriented compared to earlier iterations seen in Wrath of the Lich King or, god-forbid, Vanilla. Speaking of bosses, let's begin with Taloc. Compared to Nythendra this guy was a surprisingly easy boss. Sure, entry bosses should never be horrendously hard, but he turned out to be complete pushover to such an extent, that people prganzied pug groups simply to kill him in Mythic. As incredible as that sounds - he is actually that easy.

It would be hard to compare mother to any other boss as she's simple, yet tricky with only 1 mechanic which is reserved exclusively for tanks. Her room though is completely different story, as deadly traps require constant vigilance in order to avoid other-wise deadly laser grids. Fightitng her on Mythic is primarily a challange for the healers, as the raid group has to transition between the sections as quickly as possible, but the damage from the gates becomes near-fatal with only a handful of people passing through.

Zek'voz is an easy boss an any difficulty, more or less, but in Mythic he's definitely the go-to option compared to both Vectis and Devorer as they would test your gear moreso than your ability to execute mechanics. It would probably be fair to compare him to Emeriss and the rest of the Nightmare Dragons as the fight tests your ability to deal with an onslought of deadly meachincs, while for the most part raid has it relatively easy.

The big dummy of the bunch, Devorer, is way tamer than Ursokand his horrendous mechanics even with additional challanges on Mythic. But then the guy has received two substantial nerfs at the start of Mythic progress, so... He does look cool, but this isn't a fun fight.

Drawing comparisons between Zul and Cenarius is an easy task, as the two share a similar raid-wipe mechanic and a theme to themselves, but at least this time there's no need for an obscene amount of footwork involved and everything is neatly tied to personal responsibility. It is fascinating how many fights in this raid prompt you to save your cooldowns for specific moments or executions phases and not boil down to "just kill this ASAP" while simultaniously trying to dodge random precision blasts from the boss.  (Well ok, they do, overgear is still the go to solution for many problems) All Blood Elf players are probably laughing hard at how "useless" Arcane Torrent turned out to be on this fight. There are no lethal gimmicks like it was with the Il'gynoth and his obnoxious droplets which required a Gorefiend's Grasp to be remotely tolerable.

Our dear G'huun is the icing on the cake. This one is a special snowflake for many different reasons, primarily owning this attribute to his unique pace of combat which involves dragging spheres to the edges of the arena and dunking them into the crevices on the walls to charge up the LAZOR and obliterate the fugly bastard. Those of you who've done this fight on Heroic might ask "What's so special about that?", Well, it so happens that Uldir and particularly G'huun demonstrate how by limiting our abilities Blizzard decided to do something with the gameplay. Don't get us wrong here, we're not commending the pruning of classes, but instead, we're pointing out how with smaller ability kits the game has become more engaging: you always have to be on your feet and pay attention to what is going on around you and react accordingly.

All in all, we're really happy and hope that the upcoming raids would be just as fun!

And what about you? Be sure to share your opinion in the comment section below!
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