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January 22, 2020
A brief preview of dungeon changes.

It’s the new season folks! We’ve got some fantastic news regarding Operation: Mechagon, as well as a quick rundown of the new affix which goes by the name “Awaken”. But the good news don’t end here, so check this: Mythic+ rewards have been updated, and not only provide items with an overall higher ilvl but also scale up to +15 instead of +10, which would incentivize players to push keys and go further.

First things first, Operation: Mechagon has become available on a Mythic+ difficulty setting. Aside from this, there’s another thing… or actually several: it is now split into two different dungeons, called Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard and Operation: Mechagon - Workshop, and it’s available on Heroic Mode. There are several good things to this, perhaps the most important one being that the items necessary to upgrade an essence drop in both versions! The only difference is that you can farm M+ as many times as you need, greatly boosting your chances of success.fully acquiring this item.


Next, the “Awakened” affix is now present in all dungeons starting from +10 difficulty mode. What it does is introduce new monsters into the dungeon. No, it’s not as bad as we’ve previously had with  the emissaries, please don’t remind us about the sadistic game of hide and seek… and by the way. New guys are called Lieutenants. So, what do they? There are four of them, and each one has their own thing. Technically, they are rather easy to deal with on their own but for each killed boss an.extra adds will phase in during the last boss fight like a nasty little surprise to provide you extra trouble. Alternatively, you can let the Lieutenants be and don’t engage them during the run, but then they will arrive during the last boss fight instead of adds putting you in quite a pickle as the situation spirals out of control.

And wait, don’t we forget anything..? Oh yes! As you may notice, there are four obelisks now preset within each dungeon. This is where the Lieutenants reside in a phased-out state. To engage them you need to touch an obelisk and transfer into their dimension to do battle. The best of this whole ordeal is that normal dungeon trash no longer notices you and can’t harm you, so battling a Lieutenant provides an effect similar to cloak of shadows, making rogues obsolete. Sorry rogues.

And while we may jest, getting through this new trial would be no laughing matter. So, in case you need assistance, our boosters will be there waiting for you open arms to help you prevail over this obstacle.

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