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The Visions of Ogmot The Steadfast!

December 21, 2017
Strange and cryptic journal was discovered on PTR!

The Visions of Ogmot The Steadfast!

Recently on PTR community discovered one insidious and cryptic journal which may bring some clues in foreshadowing the things to come. Combining these messages with Il'gynoth whispers we may speculate what will happen during or even after the Battle for Azeroth. Here are the trancriptions of pages found:

  • Page 1: “The masters blessed me with their visions.”

  • Page 2: The two great armadas that clash upon an ocean of blood is most likely the Zandalar/Kul Tiras - Horde/Alliance and this is gleened fr om the fact that Battle for Azeroth takes players on a high-seas adventure to the South Seas islands of Kul Tiras and Zandalar. And while that is going on, things are happening under the surface; Shadows writhing beneath them, rising. Rising. My guess is that this refers to the Old Gods making their move, or is at least involved. The “skittering insects” are referring to the Qiraji – the servants of C’Thun – and Omog proclaim that they (the Twillight Hammer, most likely) will finish what they began.

  • Page 3: “First the bugs came. Now Goblins skulk about. It is the blood they crave” – the blood of Azeroth. “Bah, let them have these drippings! Soon there will be enough seas to sate every thirst.”

  • They obviously have a plan to bleed out Azeroth through either corruption or by trying to kill her off.

  • Page 4: This chapter is where we truly begin speculating. Ogmot describes how a vision came to him in the smoke from his campfire, of a female shepherd who is beloved by her blind followers, and cloaked in the shadows of her past. She will guide them over a cliff. Even as they crashed upon the rocks, they never doubted her. (A suicide mission perhaps) – The crows grew fat upon sheep flesh. This reference is likely to a leader, perhaps a faction leader, that will sacrifice her sheep to feed “the crows” which is her real allegiance.

  • Page 5: On this page we see references to Sargeras plunging his sword into Azeroth. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) As well as call backs to Il’gynoth’s quotes: The boy king serves at the master’s table. Three lies will he offer you. The call back is in the form of a passage wh ere Ogmot says that “the first lie has been offered”. And the page ends with a comment on Sargares; bound by a throne? No… boundless.

  • Page 6: Cultists arrive at Ogmot’s camp, but it seems like they disregard his visions. “They speak of Argus. Of the one who was awakened. Of the victory that went unnoticed.” This might be about the events on Argus, an Old God who awoke, and that the sword which “ushers in their coming” is a victory that went unnoticed by the Horde and the Alliance.

  • Page 7: Omgot is getting desperate, he hasn’t received visions in days – he searches for a sacrifice.

  • Page 8: Ogmot tries to hide from the glare of the stars – the eyes of N’zoth. And as Il’gynoth once told us: To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars. This is further addressed by Ogmot that says it has been too long since he last was drowned. (A ritual perhaps?)

  • Page 9: His sacrifice was consumed, but he is yet to be granted a vision from the Old Gods. The cultists question his devotion to the cause, but he believes himself to be chosen. He will bring another one – “they will not be missed” – who/what is he referring to?

  • Page 10: He awoke from the female cultists screams and was stirred by her whispers. He gets his vision through eavesdropping on his fellow devotee. “A door. A path. Ours. Ours. Fool! The circle has awakened us all.” This is a matter that both Il’gynoth and Xal’atah previously spoke about: Il'gynoth said: Your coming was foretold in the rings. The long circle is nearly complete. Xal'atath said: This trifling skirmish is little more than a distraction. The true battle draws neigh as the circle nears completion.

In the end we may see that we will be led from a cliff by some kind of female who could be Jaina, Sylvanas or hell knows who. Old Gods will obviously emerge in the very complicated moment and Sargeras still has some influence over the flow of events. Let us wait and see what is coming next...
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