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That too shall pass.

October 1, 2018
In case that azerite shtick ain't working out for you - here's some great things to keep track of!
Greetings folks!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, the news around weren't been exactly the kind of exciting stuff that we'd like to share with ya. Jumping the hate train on Azerite Armor wouldn't either be interesting nor helpful overall, however as time goes on and the dust settles - we are able to see once again what is that attracts us into the game.

1) New quality content
Armor issues aside, current game content is a blast. We're talking about Dungeons and Uldir: a lot of the stuff features unique systems, memorable fights, and stunning visuals. Yes, everything remains great even if we take overtuned "teeming" affix into account. If you've made it to G'huun Heroic, then you probably know how fun and arcade-ey the whole encounter feels, which is quite different from what we've had up until now. The upcoming raid in 8.1 and faction-based progression within is going to be something interesting as well.

2) The story
Again, despite all the controversy, the current game plot takes the cake no matter which faction you're playing as. It's is impossible to dismiss the Lovecraftian vibes we're getting throughout this expansion and how much impactful things feel in general: the burning of Teldrassil and the arrival of Zappy Boi being the prime examples of community engagement.

3) Transmog
While we were indeed left stranded by BfA when it comes to visual diversity and class fantasy, warfront and heritage sets of armor so far are doing really well to fill that void. Nothing is more important than the first impression that we make! Besides, everybody knows that transmogrification is the real endgame in WoW! What good are all those rare achievements and titles if that character walks in a clownsuit? Your looks must be sharp, just as your wits!

So, hopefully, these thoughts will keep you running till 8.1, when we will finally see new raiding tier and the continuation of the main plotline along with War Campaign! Do you have your own ideas to share? Don't hesitate to do so in the comment section below!
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