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Soul Labyrinth

May 10, 2017

Start of Soul Labyrinth series!
Part 1 Shadows of the Past

Soul Labyrinth

Part 1

Shadows of the Past

Little elf stopped by the pond with waterfall to take a breath and wash his face with the crystal water. He looked around with his sparkling skyblue eyes searching for the right path and noticed a small passage just behind the waterfall. This should be it! The passage to ancient troll tomb full of treasures: bone necklaces, broken axes or spears and maybe if he is lucky even ancient troll tablet with some voodoo magic runes! Boy was in a hurry though he had no more than several hours before his mother will realize that he is gone. Little elf just loved to explore the outside world. He would go into the woods in the early morning and come back just before the sun was going down. Adventures, treasures and secrets were everything little seeker was thinking about. Disturbing news arrived fr om Lordaeron yesterday. Boy heard people speaking about King assassination. They said that King was killed by his own son! But such grim events didn’t bother little elf too much. He was on adventure! Troll tomb awaited him and soon he will be bathing in treasures it was keeping. Waterfall passage led him to the main tomb hall. But something was wrong. There was a dim violet light in the back of the hall and air was vibrating. He was not alone in this tomb. Weird voice could be heard from lighted part of tomb. Little elf hid his light crystal in a small bag. Sticky fear has slowly enveloped his mind but he resisted. Little explorer decided to stay unnoticed and explore the violet shining. Prowling like a lynx he quietly approached the source of strange light hiding behind the tomb pillars and stood in terror... Violet light source turned out to be necromantic ritual performed by a dark figure! Ancient troll bodies started slowly rising up around the warlock and the sound of their moving rotting jaws filled the hall of the tomb!
- Warlock, here? I need to warn the Rangers!
Little brave elf started shaking but resisting panic and fear he reached the entrance tunnel. Looking back at horrific sounds for the moment he was expecting undead to rush at him from the darkness so he started to run as fast as he can to the nearest Ranger outpost.
- How did this warlock got past the defensive runestones?! Are there more enemies in the woods already?
Such thoughts led young boy to the outpost. Upon reaching the entrance he fell on his knees swallowing air heavily and started to scream:
- Enemies in the woods! They are raising the dead!
But it was quiet. Outpost looked perfectly fine. Braziers and fires were lit but no signs of rangers.
- Please help! There are enemies in the woods! Wh ere is everyone?!
But nobody answered. Instead he heard strange noise at the back of the cook quarter. Little elf quickly reached the room shouting to draw attention and slipped on something liquid by the room entrance. Strange red liquid was all around the room. Whole room was filled with rangers or better to say their remains and large undead abomination was standing just at the center of the room eating leg of dead elf with slurping sounds. This shocking scenery was burned into little elf's mind forever and made his hair from golden to ashen white in a flash. Terrified he was lying paralyzed in blood watching as monstrous abomination approached him slowly.
- I need to run to the city! It will eat me alive! I need to escape!
But his body was stricken by terror! Combining the remains of his will all he could do was to through forward his right arm trying to pull away the stinking rotting head of the monster. He closed his eyes resisting and then he screamed. Abomination had bitten his arm off by his shoulder! He was shockingly looking at the remains of his arm with sticking out bone and the heavy stream of blood running out of the teared flesh! Pain shock and adrenaline rush had given him one last charge of energy and he started to flee! He was running, sometimes falling down and quickly getting up in unbearable pain until he just dropped on his knees. For the last time little elf looked up at the sky with his eyes crying in pain and whispering for the Sun to help him. At that moment he saw undead elven woman who slowly approached him. Her skin was pale her eyes were white with a strange blue shining. They stood like that staring at each other. And all of a sudden banshee started screaming. That scream was so powerful that little boy's eyes and eardrums exploded in a split second! Enveloped by tranquill darkness he fell on the ground dreaming of a quick death that will end his suffering...

- I'm sorry to disturb your meditation, My Lord but our vanguard squad is assembled. We are ready to move out at your command! Are you ok, Sir? You look pale.

- I'm fine Grayson, no need to worry. Just dark memories of the past.

White-haired paladin slowly rose up and turned to the group of knights that were standing saluting behind him.

- Geez, Highlord! Your mechanoculars look even more ominously after the last upgrade! Do they have build-in recording device?

- Enough jokes, Private! We have job to do!

- Ok, knights! Listen up! We have another demon invasion incoming in Azsuna in a couple of hours! We are going for some good fight there! You have received all the need info so I won't take too long! Stay focused, believe in Light and rely on your Brothers! We are the Vanguard of the Silver Hand and we will prevail! Death to all who oppose us!

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