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Recent News: Tier sets will go away and more!

November 15, 2017
Here is overview of recent WoW developers interview!

Recent News: Tier sets will go away and more!

Recently a wave of developer interviews emerged and we got to know some interesting insights on Battle for Azeroth:

- Raid sets are going away in BfA;
- Items will be themed around the place they drop;
- All gear customization will be done through Azerite Armor system;
- Since tier sets lock some item choices it was decided to remove them and imbue Azerite with tier-like bonuses with more way of a customization;
- Blizzard aknowledge the most popular artifact appearances design and will create similar looks in the future;
- PVP Warfronts could be possible;
- Heart of Azeroth progression will have visual updates;
- It will be possible to keep multiple items of azerite armor slots for particular encounters;

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