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Power overwhelming!

June 27, 2018
Quick coverage of the recent update and new batch of benefits. Side effects do not include "Horrible death after effect expires"!
Greetings folks!

There we have it! Blizzard have announced that the Mage Tower is now permanently open until of the release of pre-patch. Get your mains and alts ready people, as those appearances are going away permanently once the time runs out! This is the only set of artifact appearances that is going to get this treatment though, meaning that others will remain available, but possibly slightly more difficult to obtain (like the ones that are tied to Balance of Power questline). Another thing that now exists on borrowed time - is the  Ahead of the Curve: Argus (and Cutting Edge: Argus if we're being precise) along with its reward mount - Violet Spellwing. Truth be told though, the mount, unlike the achievement, will remain obtainable after the pre-patch but would have a drastically lower chance of dropping (1% instead of current 100%).

The biggest question right now is... when? How much time, exactly, do we have until these treasures are taken from us? If mount and an achievement do not bother you that much, then we would like to remind you that it is also 144 unique artifact appearances we are talking about! The catch is that you have to complete a specific quest / trial separately for each of your specs in order to unlock it, which is quite a hassle. Not because they're too numerous (they are), but because of the difficulty spike. For example, one of the quests, An Impossible Foe, would have you face Agatha, corpulent mistress of imp mothers, a task which requires minimal planning and boils down to "kill adds -> DPS boss". Sure, there are moments that might surprise you, but this is nothing compared to Closing the Eye, which is also DPS quest / trial, but requires careful planning and has multiple 1-shot mechanics as well as multiple phases. The difficulty is uneven at best, and even if you're overgeared - there are still nightmares like The Highlord's Return.

Thankfully, time is on our side here. Argus gear is not only easy to come by at this point but is quite enough for this task. Sure, some of those trials rely on you having a certain legendary a little more than others, but it won't take long for you to earn at least an Insignia of the Grand Army. In case you do not know yet - new Battle for Azeroth story quest, The Speaker's Call, the one that precedes the retirement of our artifacts (spoiler?), currently buffs all your artifact weapons ALL THE WAY TO THE MAX, which means you can get those level 3 crucible bonuses and +15 ilvl on all your alts easily, which would help you tremendously. There are numerous guides at this point that might help you out in this endeavour, so we wish you good luck!


If all else fails - remember that we still offer (this is a timed opportunity now) to take this responsibility off you and save you the frustration (we've just explained how some of those trials are UNJUSTLY difficult). Our professionals guarantee your success no matter the state of your character. Not to mention that we are still doing those Spellwing and Argus runs!

So how much time do we have? Good question. We have previously speculated that pre-patch would hit the servers on July 1st because Blizzard are going to cease support of the 32-bit game client, which might prompt an in-game update (and there we have a pre-patch available for background download), but certain things make us doubt our prediction:

- there was no announcement about current PvP season coming to an end
- phrasing about artifact weapons, in particular "progressive increase in power for our artifacts during the upcoming weeks"


These points make us believe that we have at least 2 weeks to get things done! It's honestly hard not to be happy about such turn of events, in particular, that we were given an official bell as well as a major buff for the duration! Seriously, level 75 Concordance of the Legionfall as well as a passive stat boost is not something you can easily overlook!


To quote Blizzard: "TL;DR Smash everything."
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