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Path to Glory: Raiding

September 20, 2018
Some helpful tips you might need if you don't want to get wiped by the "Tides of Vengeance"!
Greetings folks!
While everyone is going absolutely ballistic about the upcoming allied races, we've decided to proceed with our tutorials and how appropriate that today's topic would be about raiding.

Now, a little backstory first. Raiding in WoW since Vanilla has been viewed as the pinnacle of in-game progress and has rightfully held this glorious title for a long time until Legion came along and brought M+. Still, even though Raids have obviously been removed from their illustrious position at this point by not only M+ but PvP as well (meaning that you can get gear of equal or better quality there) it remains the most EPIC activity in World of Warcraft, so let's get down to business!

Like with the previous entries, the ideas expressed here can be applied to our previous guides and vice versa.

- LFR is but a fraction of real glory.
While it is true that LFR remains as a means to advance the plot and experience the base feeling of what... erm... it should be! Frankly, it's hardly even a shadow of what it is supposed to be because there is little coordination. Without coordination, raids are simply DPS races for more or less free gear. Of course, raids are tough, but Normal difficulty is neither as hard or as punishing as even a +8 key! That aside, the absence of mechanics makes encounters stale. You might think that easier = better as it is more efficient, but trust us when we say that killing MOTHER when there was a whole disco-show of deadly laser beams was a lot of fun!

- Don't forget your racial / class abilities!
Sure, Blizzard likes to sell us the idea that all races are more or less equal in their performance and while they're right for the most part, sometimes the awareness of how TRULY strong your racial is might be crucial! Take for example Zul, one of the bosses in Uldir. During the battle, he would summon adds, named Minion of Zul, who have a peculiar buff called Bound by Shadow. As you can see, it has a curious effect that states that it would kill them if the said buff is dispelled. Now, sure, it is usually the task better left to Priests and Demon Hunters, but if you're a Blood Elf, then no matter which class you are, your Arcane Torrent would obliterate these little bastards and save you the trouble! Sure, this but a single example, but we're pretty sure that you can come up with your interpretations!

Class abilities are a bit more tricky to pull off because, sure, if you have a deadly debuff on your head - then you're going to do your damn best to cast that Divine Shield or whatever on yourself to get it off, but have you considered using them pre-emptively? Our example here would be Vectis, and the class in question is Death Knight. Frost Death Knights had a lovely artifact trait that used to cleanse them of any negative magical effects when using Anti-Magic Shell, but it is gone now. Still, AMS remains a potent tool as it prevents the application of additional effects while it remains active on a character. How is this related to Vectis? Simple. You can COMPLETELY negate Gestate with it and prevent spawning of an add. Sure, it is tricky as hell as that would imply that you've got to predict that he would cast this ability with you and do it at the same time, but there are more realistic opportunities for it to shine, like Taloc and his Plasma Discharge. If you're a Death Knight and you were targeted by this ability, then you have a preciously short amount of time to pop your AMS to avoid the effect completely! Unlike Vectis with his thing, Plasma Discharge has a short cast timer which you can exploit to your advantage! The result is impressive: not only you're saved from damage, but you also would not spawn Blood Storm pools that might hinder the rest of the group! Cheers!

We would've been thrilled to provide you with information on the newest allied races at this point, but at the time this entry is being written there just isn't much to say! Yes, it has been confirmed that they're going to be added as a reward for completing the upcoming 8.1 raid (currently known simply as Zuldazar raid), which is amazing news! Don't get your knickers in a twist yet, they're most likely obtainable from LFR as well, but you would still have to 2 more things:
- Complete the War Campaign and obtain Ready for War / Ready for War.
- Reach exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty / Zandalari Empire.

- You can reforge azerite traits!
Funny, but our managers hear this question quite often! Folks, there is no need to worry! If you ever need to re-arrange your traits due to recent changes you don't have to farm for another piece of armor! Simply visit your friendly neighborhood etherial in Boralus (Boralus) or Zuldazar (Zuldazar) and voila, you're all set! Just in case though, the price for reforging starts small, but it escalates really quickly! Before you panic though - it gets reduced every three days, so keep it in mind. Nevertheless, it would be wise to consult results published on Blood Mallet to save your time.

- Knowledge is the key to success.
In stark contrast to M+ and its chaotic mechanics, raids are a much more streamlined experience. However, this doesn't make them trivial, as even predictable mechanics can (and certainly will) be fatal. Which is why it is required to either keep up communications (covered in one of our previous guides) or to learn how to execute the boss mechanics in order to progress. most of the time M+ punishes the player for failing the mechanics, while Raids punish the whole group for it!

We hope that you find these entries helpful folks! If you've got any thoughts or suggestions you'd like to share - be sure to do it in the comment section below!
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