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Path to glory: Mythic+

September 14, 2018
Here are some tips to making your successful Mythic+ run a fun experience!
Greetings folks!
It's been a while since we've posted an update, but hopefully, you're noticing improvements all over the website! We've been hard at work to improve the overall presentation of our service.

Back to the important stuff! Today we're going to tell you about Mythic+ and how to achieve success there! Currently, it's only the second week since the whole thing has been made available to the public, but people have already beaten +15 and continue to push it even further! Sure, such feats require a highly dedicated team of individuals, but it is possible to climb quite high even on your own and here are the tips that you need for it. 


  1) Get yourself familiar with Raider.io
This is a great resource to track the progress of various guilds in the game as well as individual players and M+ teams. Using this little website is very crucial because it stores ALL information about your character's progress through Blizzard's official Armory service, but this one provides more detail and loads and functions way faster. You might have already seen numerous people in LFG saying something like "checking Raider.io" - well this is what the fuss is all about. It doesn't require any addons to install and is very simple to use, although there is an additional app available, which would allow you to see all the information from the website in the game. The downside of this tool is that many players would abuse the system by posting inadequate requirements (like a score way above the one that is actually needed for success). It is surprisingly simple. Usually, nobody would inspect the leader of the group.


  2) Run as many dungeons as possible, no matter the keystone level.
This is beneficial for you because of two things: your Raider.io profile gets continuously updated and accumulates scores which makes it easier to get into groups and you get to practice dungeons. Specifically: you get to learn shortcuts, more efficient routes, and other tricks that might be beneficial for your future runs, like when to use "Shroud" as a rogue to help everyone skip a nasty trash pack. We recommend doing +4 keys as they have the optimal amount of difficulty needed for practice. Yes, you might run into a situation when the rewards might not seem all that interesting, but you should always remember that any piece of gear (besides weapons and Azerite) might Titanforge to ridiculous levels regardless of the key. Actually, this situation would also work in your favor as you would have more reason to finish the key as quickly as possible.

3) Silence is golden.
We all have this necessity to vent out at the nearest scrub next to us from time to time, but when a timer is forcing us to rush the dungeon - this is something that we would gladly forgo for the greater good or personal gain. Despite what you might think - there is little to be gained when you bash soemone while the timer is going down. We definitely recommend you to do the same and keep most negative thoughts to yourself: if things seem to spiral out of control for some reason - do not comment unless you really have to add something vital like "these adds have to be kited," "we need to move the boss out of AoE" and so on, as these constructive comments can be key to fixing the situation. More often then not people can make a genuine mistake and since we're all human - this is something we recommend taking in mind. Of course, if things look entirely hopeless - you can (and probably should) leave the group to save your time and nerves, but do so quietly to keep drama to a minimum.

4) Never hesitate to ask for explanations or provide them.
In contrast to the previous point - there are situations when you absolutely have to be vocal. If you need clarification on tactics or when you have an idea about a more efficient route or how to skip monsters (and you're sure that these do work) - then it is crucial you would pass those onto others. Why? Well, primarily because this improves the overall chances of success for the group, and more often than not you would want to improve a key's level. Secondly - this creates a healthier atmosphere. Running these things is already a tense process even with low keystones, so there's no need to increase toxicity. It is true that they say: a little help goes a long way.

Also be sure to watch various streams by other players, especially those of team Method! Their videos are lots of fun and full of valuable information!

That's it for today folks! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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