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Path to Glory: Consumables

September 18, 2018
As the old song goes: "Come eat some chemicals with me!" Seriously though, these babies might just help you clear those keys!
Greetings folks!

Continuing our previous tutorial, we bring you another short list of suggestions and pieces of advice which should make your game experience more satisfying. Keep in mind that ideas previously mentioned in Path to Glory: Mythic+ work very well in conjunction with the ones expressed here and don't check each other out.

And before you say that everything is possible without consumables and "Winners don't do drugs" and all that - think about the situations where you needed that extra little push or when snorting that Healthstone or injecting that Mana Potion could've changed the outcome of a boss or PvP battle.

Thought of the day (applies every day): Be sure to bring consumables with you!
Yes, this might be a rough one. We perfectly understand that current prices on flasks and potions of all kinds are just obscene, which makes them unfavorable in the eyes of the populous, but we strongly recommend using them as often as possible. In case you're new to these, here a comprehensive list of items we and most refer to as "consumables". Starting with the holy trinity:

- Flasks.
There are 4 of them:Flask of the Currents, Flask of Endless Fathoms, Flask of the Undertow and Flask of the Vast Horizon.
This is probably the most vital of consumable items. It is easy to underestimate the bonus it provides, but that would be wrong, as not only primary stats are kings of current expansion and the increase they offer is something you would typically see on a high ilvl trinket, which makes it a very enticing bonus. What's also great about them - is that they stay in effect for an hour (or twice as long if you're an alchemist yourself!) and persist through death. We definitely recommend having these at all times. Choosing one should not be a problem either: all Plate-wearing DPS should use STR flasks, Mail and Leather DPS should chug on AGI flasks, casters and healers of all sorts should be using INT and tanks of all kinds should prioritize STAM flasks for survival first and their DPS stat second. Keep in mind that you can only have one of these active on you as well.

- Potions.
While flasks provide a long and passive boost to your performance, potions offer a much shorter (current Battle Potions remain active for mere 25 seconds!), but more noticeable burst of power which you've got to know where and when to utilize appropriately, like if the boss has a phase where he takes extra damage - that's your signal. Combining these potions with your major DPS cooldowns would yield miraculous effects. As with flasks, you probably would want to line up your potion with your primary stat, but in some situations, more weird effects like Potion of Bursting Blood or Potion of Rising Death might come out on top, but you would have to experiment to find which one suits you better.

The catch about potions is that you can only use them once per battle. Yup. That's why knowing "when and where" is vital. Previously, items like Coastal Healing Potion used to share cooldowns with either other potions or Healthstones, but currently, they are their own things, which is great when you get the chance to use them appropriately. Keep in mind that chugging a potion would not impose a GCD on your abilities, which is neat. Also, you can kinda "trick" the game and drink the potion before engaging the boss or whatever encounter you're at, as this way you would put the potion on a cooldown, but if you've done it while out of combat -this would allow you to use it again later.

Unlike flasks, potions can be quite costly to always keep at ready, which is why you can forgo them unless you're raiding or doing high-lvl keystones.

- Food.
Like flasks, food items provide a passive bonus effect, usually a stat increase (previous expansions, notably Legion, featured more exciting effects like significantly increased move speed after getting a kill). The is a couple of differences:
1) food items are divided into personal items and interactable items called feasts, the former are consumed on use, while the latter become objects placed in the world which you and your party or raid members can use until all the charges are gone;
2) those items are further divided by the bonuses they provide: personal items grant increased secondary stats (Crit, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility), while feasts give a bonus to your Primary Stat (applied automatically, so you don't have to worry about picking the wrong one)

Food bonus lasts 60 minutes and is lost on death. While primary stats are undoubtedly preferable over secondary ones, personal feats are much cheaper and easier to come by, unlike feasts, and using a feast just for yourself is an enormous waste, so keep those either for M+ runs or Raids!

These items are the holy trinity of consumables established from the earliest days of Vanilla WoW, however, the recent expansions have introduced some interesting additions.

- Aument Runes.
These rare items provide a slight, but highly coveted increase to your primary stat which lasts for an hour and is lost on death. While the 60 point increase from the current Battle-Scarred Augment Rune might not seem much, it greatly complements the buff you receive from your flask, and it lasts just as long. Again, like with food - the game would choose the correct stat automatically, so you don't have to bother yourself. The most significant issue lies in the way of acquisition of these items: there is no way to gain them normally, you have to either do Raid Finder or respond to "Call to Arms" in LFG at 120 level. Frankly speaking, you can always sell these items on the AH if you wish, as they always command a hefty price. Due to their scarcity, we highly recommend them to be used only in Raids and organized high-lvl keystones.

- Scrolls.
Now, you probably would proclaim that you've seen these scrolls at some point in the game or the other (or constantly as a scribe), but they have never provided a large enough boost to be even remotely considered a viable item. At least that was the case until Battle for Azeroth. Now, there are 3 major types of scrolls called War-Scrolls. They provide a 7% increase to vasrious important stats: Attack Power, Intellect and Stamina. Does this ring a bell? It should! The catch is that those buffs are mutually exclusive with the same buffs provided by Warriors, Mages and Priests! While this might sound underwhelming at first, this is actually a tremendously useful item for both raids and 5 ppl groups! Sure, the 5ppl groups get a more palpable bonus out of it, but if your raid happens to lack either a Warrior or a Priest(in our experience we've never seen a raid that lacks a Mage, as they probably gain their place by merely bringing those sweet-sweet mana bunns).

- Warlock utilities.
We at the office have debated whether to include Warlock items in this category or not and in the end, did not reach a unanimous decision. On the one hand yeah, they are more or less readily available at a hand's reach, but on the other - they are a boon some people might (and do) overlook. First of all, it should be noted that this time healing potions and Warlock healthstones DO NOT share a cooldown, which means that you can use both during the fight. Second: instead of restoring a set amount of health with varying efficiency, they restore a whooping 25% HP! This is an especially effective self-heal on tanks, who boast larger health pools than others! Additionally, don't forget about Warlock gateways! While not exactly a consumable, their 2-min cooldown makes at least closely resemble those items. While certainly situational, never forget that clicking this thing might either help you get out of AoE or help you drop some nasty shit away from your group! 

Remember - success in raids and dungeons is team effort first, and DPS rankings second!

This would be it for today folks! We really hope this you find this entry helpful! If you got any thought or suggestions - make sure to share them in the comment section below!
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