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Old blood, new wisdom

October 5, 2018
Our belated reaction to newest changes reagarding our most favorite company!
Greetings folks!

Before we proceed with today's entry, we'd like to apologize in advance if we hurt anybody's feelings. You might instantly wonder what's that so touchy we are going to poke at? Well, it's the new president of Blizzard.

Make no mistake though; we LOVE the new guy, our gripe is with the previous head of the company. Make no mistake, Activision - Blizzard is a game company like any other and has been such for a long time now, but it is our firm belief that Mike Morhaime, the previous head of the company and one of Blizzard's founders has lost his vision. Primarily we believe that it is his actions which have led to lack of polish of the current expansion and other questionable decision. But we are not bashing the guy, not all, don't take the wrong way, it's just that times change, raid sizes change, classes change, everything changes. Sure, we might be completely wrong in our belief that the guy had final things in what features make it into the current expansion and which do not, but we firmly believe that he is the person who gave vanilla servers the green light, which is a bad decision in our opinion. Why? Well, first of all, they would divert the team's resources on another project. It would be silly to believe that Blizzard is going to use greenhorns for such a massive project, which would imply that the current game might suffer even further.

On top of that, remember that 32x game client is no longer supported, which means a lot of the stuff would have to be built from the ground up, and in the end, these won't be the good old brutal vanilla servers (or so we believe), but rather a polished experience for new players. Think of ALL the things which are gone now: limitation to dual specs, talent trees that only gave % to stats instead of useful skills, undiluted boss mechanics... and if they decide to bring transmog in? Boi, this sounds like an enormous amount of work! And all for what? So that new people could poke their noses into 40 man content, rip through it using cool new add-ons and tactics and whatnot... Sure, you may argue that current content is done the same way, but at least it is actually fun. Part of where difficulty came in the "good old" raids is the amount of personal responsibility in 40 man groups combined with blunt and brutal mechanics like uniterruptable spells, unvoidable instant damage and so on. Do you want warlocks to be used only for "Curse of the Elements" again? Get back to spamming the same abilities with no procs or engaging? Say "goodbye" to cool edgy classes like Demon Hunters and Death Knights?

The answer to all this was given by J. Allen Brack a long time ago:  "You think you do (want it), but you don't."

Please, Mr. Allen! Make WoW great again! Not that it's terrible, to be honest, as dungeons are fun, M+ is fun and engaging, Raids are fun, the plot has never been as thrilling before as it is now, graphics and visual design has been NAILING IT ever since Legion and up to this day! The only things that are sub-par are character progression and the design of azerite traits. 

And so we firmly believe that Mr. Allen with his vision would make a great head of the company! Truly! We salute you sir and wish you good luck with your current position!

Got any thoughts on our newest entry? Would you like to explain how we are wrong on our beliefs about the popularity of vanilla servers? You can do all that and more in the comment section below!
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