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Oh, hi! How's it going?

July 27, 2018
There's actually some hot news we'd like to share!
Greetings folks!

It's been a while since we've last posted a proper news update or even some eye-catching trivia, but there were some complications.

Anyway! Let's get back to WoW! Right now, the pre-patch is progressing with full steam ahead towards Battle for Azeroth, with the first chapter of War of the Thorns available since this Wednesday.

The War of the Throns

In case you have no idea what we are talking about (we are going to assume that you've either ignored or missed the summons that appeared during your last login since Wednesday), War of the Thorns is the pre-patch event which started on July 24th and would last until August 14th, the launch day of Battle for Azeroth. Part one of the Horde and Alliance questlines became available on July 24th, and part two is speculated to start on July 31st. Up until the launch of Battle for Azeroth, the Horde and alliance will go through a series of quests to try and gain control over Teldrassil. The story began after the defeat of The Burning Legion on Argus, following the discovery of a mysterious substance called Azerite, which led to unrest between the Alliance and Horde reigniting once more. Those participating in the event would witness first hand the burning of Teldrassil (hardly a spoiler at that point) and earn a unique mount at the end of the event! Well, kind of unique... Horde players get a giant plague bat for their efforts with unique aesthetics that make it an amazing fit for many Forsaken characters, while Alliance gets... yet another hippogryph. Truth be told though, it has an updated model which boasts unique looks and overall higher quality than any other mount or in-game creature of this family so far. Still, there's already been over a dozen of these fellas which makes it really hard to get hyped about it, while giant bats yet remain a cool new thing. These mounts are faction-locked, but you get both for completing the pre-patch campaign on either side, which is definitely nice.

Sadly though, we would have to idle for nearly three weeks before they arrive, but in the meantime, you can finish currently available questline to unlock Darkshore world quests! These quests award 210 ilvl gear, which is equivalent to current normal difficulty drops from Antorus, The Burning Throne. At this point, this might not be very intriguing for most players, but they are perfect for alts! They're quite easy to do and unlike the Argus questline which had to be completed individually for each of your characters to unlock world quests, the initial questline here can be skipped completely once you've completed it on one of your characters. Having done that, your alts would get an additional dialogue option with your faction leader that would instantly unlock the world quests and transport them to the area's innkeeper. Keep in mind that your character still has to be lvl 110 to begin the questline. If you're planning to collect these for tmog purposes you might want to know that all armor and weapons from these quests share visuals with salvaged/boosted item sets and so far there's nothing unique to stand out. Also, keep in mind that there are only 4 of these quests avaliable per day


If it turns out that Darkshore world quests don't pique your interest, then perhaps you would be interested in World PvP? Darkshore is the first zone which actively uses "Bounty Hunter" and "Air Supply Drop" features, both of which we have covered earlier. This time though we have a clear picture of how exactly the systems work.

Bounty Hunter

Upon entering Darkshore with War Mode turned on you're going to notice a new effect called " Soldier of the Alliance" / " Soldier of the Horde". While active, it grants you additional honor for killing members of the opposite faction. If you manage to kill 10 players without dying, you shall be promoted to an " Alliance Assassin" / Horde Assassin" and gain a 15% increase on all damage and healing until you're killed or leave the zone.

Right now it is hard to check how many assassins per faction can exist in a zone at the same time, but previous information (provided by Blizzard) stated that it is possible for up to 3 players per faction to become assassins at the same time. We now have a better understanding of how a player becomes Bounty Hunted. Simply put - you become marked if you continue to kill people while being an assassin. When that happens - you will be revealed on a map for enemy players (still only to those who have War Mode turned on), inviting them to hunt you down and possibly have their revenge, while also giving the incentive to just about anyone else as killing the Bounty yields a reward of 50 Conquest points and a bag containing some Honor points and a piece of PvP gear (current ilvl is 210). While being Bounty Hunted, a player is unable to mount (but is still able to get in a seat of any multiple-seat mount), which is an interesting decision. This provides additional opportunity for players to actually organize and hunt down the notorious killer while shutting down possible attempts to cheese the escape by using a flying mount. Leaving the zone would remove the bounty. Additionally, there's an achievement for looting 10 Bounties.

Air Supply Drops

Another previously mentioned BfA feature makes an appearance as well. Around every 20 minutes, in the northern part of Darkshore, a plane would appear and begin flying towards the border with Ashenvale. These planes are faster than a mastered epic flight mount, meaning that you'll be unable to keep up with them, but they make a very loud engine sound to announce their arrival.

The airdrop itself is a contested chest that currently drops the same world gear as Darkshore world quests, but they have a chance to be titanforged as usual. Keep in mind that it has a long opening time, leaving you open. In BfA, they would additionally contain Azerite.

That would be it for today's update folks! Hopefully the pre-patch is treating you well and you're happy with class and spec and you managed to get your addons back into shape. Too bad this is nothing like Legion pre-patch, but at least we're happy that things got relatively quickly fixed after the initial crash-landing, so we guess we could say that... this is fine.

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