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Mythic+ Round up: Round 2

June 20, 2018
New information about one of the game's best features!
Recently a great number of changes for Mythic+ dungeons has been rolled out into Beta servers, but before we get there - seals of fate! Or rather Seals of Wartorn Fate, as they would be called in Battle for Azeroth.

Seals are now usable in Mythic+


Players are finally going to get an opportunity to use them in Mythic+! At the end of a Mythic+ key, a well-known popup will show and offer you to use them. This is definitely great news!
However, the number of purchasable coins has been reduced to TWO per week. Their cost has been increased as well, making the total summ of purchasing 2 BfA coins the same as Legion ones (BfA seals cost 2500/5000 gold while Legion are 1000/2000/4000, both totals are 7000).

While still manageable - the reasoning behind this decision is questionable. Seals do not guarantee that you get what you want and there's a huge number of variables in the system already. Using a seal after a particular raid boss fight gives you a chance to score something desirable, but M+ chests use combined loot tables from all bosses in the dungeon, which means you get a much lower chance at getting the exact item. And then there's Titanforging. /sigh

We recommend saving them for raid runs because they now feature visually unique and outstanding items (actually they do so most of the time contrary to dungeons) like Scythe of the Unmaker or Taeshalach. You can Mythic+ indefinitely, but raids give you a limited number of attempts to get those, which is why it would be wise and efficient to keep spending them there. In case you need something farmed - check our services. We offer best results that also spare you the tediousness of the process.

Gear lockout during runs.

Another interesting handicap which behaves in the same way as current talent lockout. But while you can certainly manage with wrong talent selection, forgetting to replace your DPS trinkets with DPS ones would certainly be weird. And be sure to expect pugs to forget to replace their fishing poles. While it would certainly make things a bit more hilarious, this would restrict much-needed flexibility.

We make sure that our boosters are professionals, one such criterion is the ability to optimize gear according to situations like prioritized single target damage, prioritized aoe damage, survival and so on. So rest assured - our teams will always be optimized to deliver you the best results. Top players know the importance of optimized equipment as well - you can read about that in recent Q&A with Method. Sure, an absence of easily obtainable legendaries in Battle for Azeroth would make such choices easier, but this would remain a vital skill for any decent group and why exactly Blizzard want to remove player choice is hard to comprehend.

Seasonal affixes

They were officially confirmed during the recent Q&A with the developers. Their inclusion brings the total number of dungeon affixes to 4. A wonderful addition that would entice good players to attempt higher difficulties for unique rewards and achievements. Potentially they could keep the dungeons fresh and interesting for hardcore players throughout the expansion as they bring a unique element that would be present for a limited amount of time.

Other changes

Tyrannical and Fortified come before others.

Tyrannical and Fortified are now level 2 affixes. Definitely a minor change for most players, but this would greatly help newcomers to properly measure themselves.

New "Weekly Best" Screen


Weekly best screen has been updated on Beta.This is obviously still a work in progress, but it is good to see week's affixes easily visible ingame.


Additionally, if you hover your cursor over the chest - it would display your current weekly chest reward and additional information. Again, a pleasant quality of life improvement.

Got any comments? Do you think that gear swaps are just for tryhards and all tanks are equal? Don't hesitate to share your opinion below!
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