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Let the endgame begin!

July 13, 2018
The pre-patch is almost here!
Greetings folks!

Today, many of you have probably noticed that Blizzard have finally announced that patch 8.0 would arrive on July 17th (18th for those in EU).

Good thing is - we were right with our predictions.
Bad thing is - we were right with our predictions.

Basically, this means that players have less than a week to complete the remaining Mage Tower challenges, get their AotC: Argus achievement, Violet Spellwing and attempt to get a Mythic mount from either Argus or Gul'dan.

As always - we commend and wish best of luck to those of you who aim to get those themselves, but if you've found yourself in a situation where circumstances (or simply the lack of time) prevents you from getting those - head over to check our offers as we're offering all kinds of assistance with all aforementioned game features.

Let's step aside from the usual things though. If by this point you haven't watched the video above - we strongly recommend you to do so, as it gives a nice summary of all things happening with the launch of 8.0, but here's a list of other things to keep track of:

1) Additional cosmetic features are being added into the game.

While everyone and their grandmother are probably aware at this point about "straight orc" craze, there is a number of other additions coming up.

- Skin color can now be changed in a barbershop.
Currently, this feature is already available to allied races like Nightborne, but after 8.0 - it would become a baseline feature for all characters. This is all kinds of great because previously you would've to spend a few bucks to do something like this.


- Blood elves are getting additional eye color options.
Lore enthusiasts out there were probably aware of this addition for a while now. See, the thing with elves in WoW has been such that their eyes would glow in response to the kind of magic they currently use. Back in The Burning Crusade, it was appropriate for Blood Elves to have a green tint because they used Fel magic to substitute for Arcane. But at the end of the very same expansion they have taken Sunwell back, cleansed it, and also replaced its original Arcane magic for Light (thanks Velen). As a matter of fact, Lady Liadrin has already been depicted having golden eyes in Hearthstone, and now this new eye color is available for all Blood Elves to reflect their storyline.


2) Professions are getting an overhaul.

First Aid is not the only thing that is going away with the arrival of Battle for Azeroth pre-patch. The way we level professions, or at least how we used to, is going away as well, being replaced by a more... efficient system reminiscent of Mists of Pandaria cooking.

Now, instead of having to level from 1 through 800, leveling professions will be split into skill tiers per expansion.

In the past few expansions, Blizzard has tried to experiment with profession catch-up mechanisms to aid players so they do not have to grind through hundreds of skill ranks just to craft expansion-appropriate recipes. With this new system, now players can focus on leveling professions for a certain expansion. New caps looks like this:

- Classic goes up to 300
- Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria goes up to 75
- Draenor and Legion goes up to 100
- Kul Tiras and Zandalar goes up to 150

Fear not though! Your current maxed-out professions are not going to be reset to 0. You're going to keep all your current progress, along with recipes, but it's going to visually change into this:


3) The arrival of new Guild UI and Communities.

We have already covered this new feature in one of our previous posts. It would be problematic to give it a brief summary, so we're just going to drop a link for the corresponding article. Just a reminder though: it is going to break chat addons, so don't be surprised.

4) Some classes get additional utility.

For the most part, it just means that we're getting old stuff back, but it is always good to see that all classes now get to bring something to the table and thus spice up the gameplay.

- Back in black.

Mage, Priest, and Warrior get their stat buffs back (10% group/raid buff to Int, Stam Str, and Agi respectively)

- Look, I'm useful!

Monks and Demon Hunters get new utility in the form of damage modifiers for their targets: 5% physical damage taken for Monks and their group/raid members and 5% magic damage increase for Demon Hunters.

- Additional purge and dispell utility is being added. Enrage in particular appears to be a major PvE mechanic in BfA, which is nice.

Demon Hunters get a magic purge, joining Mages, Priests, Shamans and Warlocks (Felhunter).
Mages get curse removal back, joining Druids and Shamans.
Hunters and Druids regain the ability to remove enrage effects.

Personally, we are eagerly await the arrival of new content. And what about you? Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comment section below!
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