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Lamp of Al'Abas

May 29, 2017
New Rogue Pickpocketing mechanics in 7.2.5 (and some info about PvP season)!


New nice addition to Rogue pickpocketing emerged on PTR! Griftah and Al'Abas have teamed up to allow Rogues to acquire  Coins of Air from pickpocketing mobs in the Broken Isles. This mechanic is almost like Dingy Iron Coins added in Warlords of Draenor.

Pickpocketing Quest Series

Here is a list of pickpocketing quests (available at level 100):
  • Wanna Buy a Lamp?: Purchase the Grimy Lamp from Griftah in the Rogue Class Hall.
  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Purchase the Certified Organic Lamp Shining Kit from Griftah in the Rogue Class Hall and use it to shine the lamp.
  • The Mysterious, Magnificent Al'Abas: Speak to Al'Abas, summoned by the lamp. He'll then grant you a Polished Lamp.
  • In the Land of Magic: Speak to Al'Abas yet again. "I think I see the problem. Your puny eyes are too weak to detect the mana-infused finery that these elves have spread throughout the land. They've been wearing jewelry the entire time, and you simply couldn't see it. I propose a partnership, my newly minted associate. My lamp currently suffers from an embarrassing lack of magic and could always use more beautiful decorations. I propose a trade. I shall pierce this sinister Sindorei veil, and you shall give me the spoils of your theft."
  • Coins of Air: Speak to Al'Abas again! This time he explains how Coins of Air work - when you pickpocket mobs for their treasures Al'Abas wants, you'll automatically be given Coins of Air as thanks.
  • Loyalty Is Its Own Reward: Al'Abas sends you out to acquire 1000. In return, he'll give you an upgraded lamp, Shining Lamp of Al'Abas, which allows you to loot even more lucrative treasures.
  • I'll Take Those, Thanks!: Griftah also has an offer for you - turn in 10000 for 4,999. This is a weekly quest, so if you want to turn in additional Coins of Air later in the week, you'll only be given 499 instead.
  • High Fash-Djinn: Al'Abas sends you out to acquire six rare pickpocketing treasures, which have a low chance to come from any pickpocketable mob in the Broken Isles. These items are: Manaforged Worry-Chain, Managraphic Card, Elegant Manabraid, Subtle Chronometer, Glitzy Mana-Chain, and Locket of Magical Memories. As thanks for acquiring these items, you'll get Gleaming Lamp of Al'Abas. With this upgraded lamp, you'll loot multiple charms at once when you pickpocket, earning Coins of Air faster.
There are no items right now which you can buy for those coins but it seems like they will be added later!

Coins of Air

While carrying lamp in your pocket you will be able to pickpocket different items which are converted to the coins immediately!

Pickpocketing Item Coins Amount
Verbellin Tourbillon Chronometer 20000
Sparkling Sin'dorei Signet 10000
Locket of Magical Memories 5000
Glitzy Mana-Chain 2500
Subtle Chronometer 1000
Elegant Manabraid 800
Managraphic Card 600
Manaforged Worry-Chain 400
Mana-Cloaked Choker 250
Flashy Chronometer 200
Manaweft Bracelet 100
Mana-Etched Signet 90
Managleam Pendant 80
Glinting Manaseal 70
Star-Etched Ring 60
Tacky Chronometer 50
Charmed Bracelet 40
Charmed Ring 30
Charmed Choker 20
Charmed Pendant 10
Charmed Band 5

And some addition about upcoming PvP season 3: it will end at 13th of June. Be prepared!

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