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Ion Hazzikostas Q&A Interview about Battle for Azeroth

November 18, 2017
Latest Interview with WoW Game Director!

Ion Hazzikostas Q&A Interview about Battle for Azeroth


- No info about Classic WoW;
- Tier sets are gone and replaced by handcrafted Azerite Armor perks, instead there will be one set for each armor type heavily inspired by the zone - this applies to different zones and dungeons (in general more transmog customization);
- More unique trinkets from raids to make them worthwhile along with unique Azerite Armor perks;
- Patch 7.3.5 will conclude Legion story, add scaling leveling, new battleground;
- Focus is shifted from classes to factions;
- Allied races will be tweaked to be easily unlocked with no reputation barrier as an example;
- Heritage Armor is bound to races;
- More Allied races will be added;
- Orcs will get straight-walking customization, trolls won't (Zandalari walk straight);
- Prestige system will be tweaked significantly;
- Artifact skins will remain spec restricted;
- Addition of Legendaries is an open question (maybe there will be a few, maybe zero);
- Mythic raid size is unchanged. But there might be cross-server Mythic opening sooner than right now;
- ToS was too difficult on Mythic - Antorus will be nerfed faster;
- Aman'Thul's Legendary drop is remained a mystery for now;
- Mythic Antorus opening will bring +15 ilvl to Mythic+ items and will be retroactive to the previous week Order Hall cache;
- Titanforging stays but will be tweaked;
- Hati will not be carried forward;
- Underlight Angler stays!

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