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Insane in the membrane

July 11, 2018
A tribute to crazy stuff.
Greetings folks!

Recently there's been a lot of news about people performing some crazy feats. Yes, at this point these aren't exactly "hot news" anymore, but we were a bit busy during the last week (even our editor) and we still want to express our appreciation and commend these guys.

1) Argus has been defeated by three people.
Nah, wait this isn't right. Antorus, the Burning Throne, has been cleared by three people (Save for Varimathras). If you ever needed any proof that there's no end to human ingenuity when it comes to solving weird problems... there you have it. Next time you end up in a group that can't kill him with a full raid setup - just link them this thing.
Jokes aside though, our little community massively commends those people and their achievement. We WISH we could claim that our coaches would make you as good as them, but alas not. Of course, our professionals can teach you the basics, make you good at PvP, prepare you for high-end content like M+ and raiding, sure.  But that kind of stuff? Nope. That's some next level gaming here. /salute
Not to mention that this would require some sick gear (all members of that group have multiple sets of 970+ ilvl gear on them) and the pre-patch is just over the horizon. In case you've forgotten - pre-patch would bring in ilvl squish which would render it obsolete or even break scaling on some items. So rather spend your money on gear - spend it on coaching and Antorus Runs to get that Ahead of the Curve / Cutting Edge achievements. 

2) Heroic Aggramar and Argus defeated by 5 people.
Are you the kind of person who claims that "Mage Tower is too hard!" even after the recent artifact boost? Or do you know one? Well, then you (or them) should feel ashamed! Just look at these people!
Holy cow, where do such players even come from? If you're impressed with this just as we are - we recommend reading a short interview with these folks over at WoWhead (click the link above) for some interesting insight.
Also... does this mean that Antorus can be considered a 5-man dungeon now?

3) Mythic Argus solo healed.
Is there some sort of inside contest among high-end players? Or are they simply trying to show off? Mind-blowing, simply mind-blowing. Not only because of this guy's personal achievement but the sheer amount of personal responsibility on each member of this raid. To elaborate: cutting the number of healers is always possible if people keep successfully dodging all avoidable damage and you personal cooldowns to reduce incoming damage, so what we have here is a demonstration of more than just personal prowess. Well done people!

4) Method completes +30 key in time.
An immense feat! We strongly recommend watching the video (available in the link above) purely for entertainment purposes. The sight is thrilling and intense, especially at the very end when guys down Maiden of Virtue. You can clearly see that according to game UI they've run out of time at the very last moment, but apparently, RNGesus was with them that day as you can see (and hear at the end) that managed to beat the timer by 0.00.807 seconds. WOW.

I the meantime, the amount of innovations on the beta servers is starting to dry up. Does this mean anything? Hard to say actually. We have previously debated numerous times on the date when pre-patch would arrive and came to a conclusion that the first week of July was the most likely candidate for this. Apparently, we (and many others) were wrong. Which is not actually bad, as during this period Blizzard have done a number of adjustment and changes to numerous classes. Most of them are highly praised, but those among you who play Shamans or Shadow Priests know that not everything is well. Most allied races have been polished, along with their quest lines, but Zandalari trolls still remain in obscuruity. We hope this would change at the end of this week when we shall cover all racial changes so far.

Got any thoughts or comments? Don't hesitate to share them in the comment section below!
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