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Blizzcon News: Q&A Recap

November 4, 2017
Quick recap of Q&A seesion with WoW developers!

Blizzcon News: Q&A Recap

To sum up all the info from Blizzcon Q&A:

- New stat squish is incoming as well as item squish!
- Class specific buffs are back again!
- Titanforging will be still present but will not affect Azerite Armor slots!
- Additional character customization options are coming during the flow of expansion!
- Jaina is not a Dreadlord!
- Void Elves will be able to change their form (from Void to Normal)!
- New additions to Timewalking are expected!
- Flying will be unlocked the same way as in Legion!
- Legendary system from Legion is gone in Battle for Azeroth!
- Starting backpack will be increased if you have authenticator attached!
- Worgens and Goblins will be updated but not in 8.0!
- Players will receive 6 new slots per realm to compensate available subclasses!

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