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As the days go by...

August 28, 2018
... we continue to get acquainted with the newset expansion! Come read about our latest experience.
Greetings folks!
BfA has been out for nearly two weeks now, so we thought it would be a great idea to share our experience with you so far!

To be honest, we were planning to keep updating the blog at a more regular place, but the number of things that require our immediate attention prevents us from doing so, but let's put that aside and get to the actual story.

First of all, we would like to commend all people out there why have already managed to unlock the first part of the Pathfinder Achievement on their own. This is a no small feat that requires dedication and careful planning, and as a reward, these people can now enjoy either Dark Iron Dwarves or Mag'har orcs, depending on their faction. During our leveling experience, we (the website team) have managed to level to 120 and clear 9/10 Mythic dungeons on the previous week and complete 10/10 during this one. Our ilvls at this point are around 339. The ones who lag behind are the folks who play classes that wield two weapons and were unlucky not to get any drops. In any case, from our perspective, the new dungeons are amazing. After discussing it for a while, we've decided that our favorites are King's Rest, Siege of Boralus, Waycrest Manor and The Underrot, the last one primarily of how heavily it reminded us of the "Stranger Things" series with its aesthetics. If we were to go into detail on why exactly we've chosen all of these dungeons - it would've probably taken us a few articles to cover, but, as we've told, that's not something we could do right now, but we shall try anyway.




For the most part, we are very fond of how many gimmicks the dungeons or the bosses have. Underrot and Siege of Boralus would be our best examples here with their last bosses. The Unbound Abomination is a more boring example, but in case you don't know how the boss operates: it doesn't receive any damage from player attacks. Instead, they fill an energy bar, which spawns two adds that must be killed to deplete the boss' health. During the Siege of Boralus, you get a similar task: the Kraken itself cannot be harmed by conventional means, so instead the party runs around attacking the tentacles and freeing the dock engineers, who are happy to get their revenge on the beast no matter which faction saves them, by fixing the nearest ship cannon and blasting the monster. Well, maybe you won't be impressed too much by these differences, but for us, they bring an exciting and pleasant deviation from the ordinary routine of wiping the boss across the floor along with the trash packs. The Avatar of Sethraliss is a particularly interesting fight, because it requires a lot from tyhe healer.

Speaking of the trash packs: these guys now come prepared with some nasty abilities as well. Thankfully, nothing quite as ridiculous as the infamous CoS imps, but we've got some lovely folk that would make those MoS Mistacallers proud, in particular, we're talking about Tol Dagor inmates with their bubble shields and Underrot guardian skeletons with their protective spells. These effects are so THICC that you would need either to react and prevent the NPCs from casting them or you would need to dispell them. One can only imagine how those effects would scale with M+. Horde members can rejoice though, as that means that Arcane Torrent is again mighty useful even without the silence! If an enemy has an absorption shield - that racial would remove it in an instant. But even without them, there's a plethora of dangerous abilities that require immediate reaction to them, which is great, because this provides additional gameplay opportunities, as interrupt abilities mostly remain off GCD.

The amount of trash and how tightly its packaged sometimes makes us wonder how dreadful such modifications as Necrotic and Bolstering might become, especially when they would come on a Fortified week. But then there are also ways one might go about the dungeon skipping unnecessary encounters. Tol Dagor and Waycrest manor, in particular, show the benefits of having a Rogue in your group with their lockpick skill, which allows them to open doors and bars, thus significantly reducing the amount of time that the group needs to complete the dungeon.

As for our theories about Sylvanas... unfortunately, they would have to wait as well. But, we shall supply you with something interesting as an attempt to rectify, or somewhat clarify, where our ideas come from and where we are heading with them. We would like to give a shoutout to Bellular and his fantastic channel. No, he is not related to us in any way, we are just very fond of his content due to its high quality, and it so happened, he made a video that pretty much summs up the idea we've wanted to exdplain to you.

Still, it goes without saying that such an intricate theory is might easily crumble, just like the plot about Sylvanas and her deal with Helya in Legion, so we can only hope that things would actually reach a climax rather that just end ubruptly. In any case, we're hoping that you're having a blast with the content as much as we do! We would like to remind you that M+ and Raid content is being unlocked on September 4th for US and 5th for EU, so be sure to have everything you need ready!

Got any thoughts on this piece of news? Don't hesitate to share them and be sure to leave a comment down below!

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